The FTM Hil for Autonomous Driving


Autonomous driving will determine the future of our roads and therefore many universities and industrial companies are researching the development of autonomous driving functions. Simulation, in which different scenarios, sensors and driving functions can be tested, plays an important role in the development of these functions.

For some time now we have been looking for a simulation environment that offers us all the necessary functionalities. We decided to merge with Speedgoat, Mathworks and Nvidia to build our own hardware-in-the-loop simulator for autonomous driving: Speedgoat real-time controllers for vehicle physics modeling, a Nvidia Drive PX2 for processing AI algorithms for perception and path planning, the Unreal Engine Environment in conjunction with the Matlab Vehicle Dynamics Toolbox for fast and easy scenario generation and sensor integration. A video of the simulator can be found here:

We will use this simulator for our own research work and directly transfer the results back to our partners. If you are interested in participating in this project, please contact Johannes Betz